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Dance Floor Rentals

Staging Rentals

Our staging panels are in 4'X8' sections. These panels have 8" legs to allow for easy off the ground access. Staging is a great platform for a guest speaker at a corporate event or a band/DJ at a wedding.

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Adding a dance floor along with a band or DJ to your Maine event is a great way to get all of your guests up and mingling. They can be used outdoors at a tent party – over the lawn, driveway, patio or even on sand at the beach. It can be used indoors over carpeting or flooring. We offer California wood grain dance floors for rent in 3'X4' modular sections. The floors can be assembled in a variety of dimensions to accommodate both small and large tents.

When determining a dance floor rental it is very important to evaluate your tent site to determine that you have for a flat smooth area that a floor can be placed on.

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