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High Pitch Tent Rentals in Maine

These tents are eye catching with the sweeping pitches to each center pole for a wedding or special event. The tents have 7' or 8' side walls. We offer 30' and 40' wide tents up to 140' in length. These tents require guy straps from each tent leg every 10' around the perimeter of the tent.

Call 207-725-2322 for Pricing

Seating   Size


34            20x20

50            20x30

65            20x40

75            30x30

100          30x40

125          30x50

150          30x60

175          30x70

200          30x80

225          30x90

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Our High Pitch tents create the perfect atmosphere for that special event. Add a small frame tent for the caterers to prepare the food or a cocktail hour before your sitdown reception dinner.

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