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We offer a large selection of Frame tents for rent from 10'X10' up to 30'X90'. The standard wall height for the frame tents is 7' but can be adjusted to heights up to 9'. We have a large selection of tent covers in white, blue and white and yellow and white stripped. Frame tents are the perfect tent for an event in a parking lot or in an area that does not allow for many stakes. The tents are free standing and can be anchored without using stakes.

Call 207-725-2322 for Pricing

Seating   Size


34            20x20

50            20x30

65            20x40

75            30x30

100          30x40

125          30x50

150          30x60

175          30x70

200          30x80

225          30x90

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One of the first steps in choosing a tent is to determine the site for your event, and establish exact measurements of the open space to place the tent. It is the renters responsibility to determine the location of underground utilities prior to the tent setup.

Frame Tent Rentals

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